So it begins…. HDR

DSLR, HDR… So it begins

canon-eos-600dSo far I’m enjoying every moment of it! I think I made the right choice to go with the Canon 600D TKIS.

To all those that steered me in the right direction thank you.

In the not too distant future I endeavour to begin my HDR journey with this lovely camera. I hope to start a nice collection of HDR shots. With a few events coming up soon birthday, etc… Im sure there will be plenty of chances to start a very good collection of HDR images.

Again kudos to Mr. Rob Potter




Right now I have a point and shoot camera and I am in the market looking to buy a new camera for the following reasons:

  • Going on a cruise
  • Want to produce better quality HDR images

So right now I have been doing some research into which one to buy. I think I have made my decision on the following.

Brand: Nikon
Model: D600

What’s everyone’s thoughts?