Learning PHP wonders of what it can do!

I have now fixed my wordpress feed… well almost, just need to limit it now and play with some of the CSS.

Feeling very productive!


Working away on my website, what a productive day!

Things I have fixed:

  • contact form
  • design/layout
  • links
  • about me page

Things left to fix:

  • embed latest wordpress post into home page

This last item to fix is proving to be a little difficult as I believe then index file needs to be a php file, however I have made mine a html file and as far as I am aware you cannot just rename the file… grr!

Hope there is an easy way to fix this, if anyone knows the answer please let me know asap 🙂

Many thanks in advance to those that assist.

Frustrations setting in…


I simply don’t feel like going into details about it all, for several reasons.

However I am just tired of people saying one thing to your face then a week or its almost as if that conversation never happened!

One week its one story, next week its a different story.

By this point its about the time confusion sets in, it in itself is quite frustrating to cope with.

Well I guess this is all I have to rant about for this week.