I would like to let everyone know that in the past six months to a year I have diverted my focus from networking -> web server management and web development/design.

Reason for this change is due to me being a little bored with networking and looking for a change to see how else I can broaden my knowledge base. Before I get into any details, all I can say is OMG!!!

Again before I get into a few details about my progression I would like to take a moment to give a big SHOUT OUT to Brendan Otoole for imparting some of his knowledge. You have been a great help in passing on your wisdom regarding web server management/design/development!

Since the conceived idea of me undertaking some web skills I have accomplished the following:

  • Started on shared hosting with CDs
  • Quickly moved off this to a VPS (several actually)
  • Complete Linux server management
  • Learnt Cent OS 7.0 isn’t quite as good as I thought it was
  • Dropped back to Cent OS 6.5
  • Learnt Cron
  • Learnt Tar
  • Learnt a lot more about hosted DNS
  • Just finished learning SSH security methods
  • Global off-site backups
  • Managing several domains/subdomains
  • Managing blogs
  • Managing online billing packages

To add a little frustration to the mix because all blog posts have a touch of frustration to them;

I have been work on setting designing and developing a “responsive” open cart theme for my partner as she is running a candle business. Well so much for that idea since 5 days open cart decided to realise a “responsive” theme!!! GRR thanks and damn you! open cart.

However it doesn’t stop there, I follow the instructions provided to upgrade from v1.5.6.4 -> and you guessed it, doesn’t go as planned. Its a good thing that I practice what I preach and have daily backups of everything 🙂


Moving forward I have restored the backup and am working on understanding why it failed the upgrade.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

Network Downtime


Hi All,

Apologies for the delay in having the site/blog down it has been quite a couple of weeks due to being convinced to host all my sites myself on a VPS via Digital Ocean.

I have had to learn quite a few things during this very short timeframe, shortlisted below:

  • Cent OS 7
  • Some Linux commands
  • New Dir Structure
  • PHP
  • SSH security
  • VPS hosting options
  • Register my ABN
  • Commissioning of a SaaS invoice platform (big thank you to Zac Brewer)

But however not limited to the above.

I would like to throw out a big thank you to both Brendan O’Toole and Ben Cousins for directing me to a VPS.

There is much more to come, just to short list again:

I would highly recommend Digital Ocean to anyone that interested in getting some hosted Virtual Private Server space. For anyone that is interested Please use the following special offer code: https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=fe6c0bce7d96


Learning PHP wonders of what it can do!

I have now fixed my wordpress feed… well almost, just need to limit it now and play with some of the CSS.

Feeling very productive!




Working away on my website, what a productive day!

Things I have fixed:

  • contact form
  • design/layout
  • links
  • about me page

Things left to fix:

  • embed latest wordpress post into home page

This last item to fix is proving to be a little difficult as I believe then index file needs to be a php file, however I have made mine a html file and as far as I am aware you cannot just rename the file… grr!

Hope there is an easy way to fix this, if anyone knows the answer please let me know asap 🙂

Many thanks in advance to those that assist.

Frustration Setting in….

Ok so its now 15:22 on Thursday and I have been working away on this blog site for say almost 48hrs now and so far its looking great. Except for the following things:

  • Im not happy with the theme and cannot find one that suits what i need; Built in social icons, Colour scheme to be right, Clean….
  • Im now also looking to add my HDR photography work up here on a separate page. For me todo this I am going to need a gallery. So I installed “NexGen Gallery” It seems great except that I had to mod a file “php.ini” allowing me to upload more that 2MB… and it still isn’t working right….

So now I’m frustrated at this damned site Grrr

Learning all about security for my blog….


So it turns out that my blog was not exactly completely safe. Well now thanks for Mr. Brendan O’toole I have learnt a few things about

wordpress security 🙂 first and for most is captcha for new registrations and comments for non registered users.

Now I needed to look at my (Firewall/Antivirus/Malware/SPAM) for my wordpress site. This involved a couple of things.

  1. Akismet
  2. Wordfence

Now my site is nice a secure 🙂

Thanks again Brendan 🙂

Site layout now complete

Well the site layout is now complete I’m somewhat happy and content with the layout of the page at the moment. It could be better but this shall do for now.


Welcome to my blog

So everyone welcome to my first blogging site.

Why am I blogging you might ask? Well it has come to my attention that I should start writing down a few things…. so here I starting with my first blog post 🙂