iPhone 5s case…. Decisions, decisions, dammed decisions

….. its that time again 😀

As some of you may know I have changed my mobile phone quite frequently more recently. Well you all will be glad to know that I have settled for a single handset at this point in time; iPhone 5S. Well its time to buy a case for this phone, I been tossing up in my head what to get, when I bought the phone I was going to get one of the “Apple Leather” cases; however I was told by the sales rep that being leather it will show signs of wear quite quickly and those cases RRP for like 50 odd dollars… So that brought my attention back to my all time fave case for mobile devices. Otterbox!!! I am asking for peoples opinions on the following case so if you could please take some time to comment below your thoughts on this case.

Otterbox Site: http://www.otterbox.com/iPhone-5/5S-Defender-Series-Case/apl2-iphone-5s-set,default,pd.html

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