Shopping for this phone case is driving me crazy… Lets go back to beginning and let me explain first of all…..

Ok way back in the beginning when I got one of my first iPhones I thought you know what; “I’m not going to get insurance on this plan and ill buy an otterbox this will be my insurance they are pretty strong. Having this Otterbox will be much cheaper than paying for insurance every month.” 

So with that in mind the Otterbox was actually great! I have had just a plain black one in the past.

But this time I have been hunting for a particular model/colour. I was first made aware of the colour when one of my students bought one and showed me. I just loved the colour and the way it looked. So since then I have been to the following places;

  • Richmond
  • Blacktown
  • Rouse Hill
  • eBay

Going to all of these places has proven unsatisfactory as well no one has this particular colour I’m looking for.

Before I continue please take some time to look at this colour:

otterbox-apple-iphone-5s-blackSo now that you have taken some time to look at the image to the right. I would now ask you to direct your attention to the next image as i
would like to get some feedback from everyone about helping me choose which colour to get. If I simply choose just plain black I have the ability to purchase one as soon as right now from any retail outlet.

Lets move on to some maths/specifics there is one very big difference between wanting to get the blue/green and getting the plain black; and that is price point. The RRP for this case is $59.95AUD, this is the price weather I purchase from any retail outlet or purchase from however if I purchase the blue/green from there is an obvious charge aka delivery/freight; the delivery charge for a limited time is $9.95AUD, so now lets do the maths…. $59.95 + $9.95 = $69.99AUD. So with this grand total price in mind I’m not sure if its worth the extra cost.

Now for the plain black case:

So I guess the reason for this blog post is to get some points of view on what colour people think I should get for my iPhone.

For those of you who know me you will know that I am very impatient and I have been so close many a time to just get the plain black case for the following reasons: cheaper/quicker/simpler choice… list goes on…

Anyway hope all of you can take some time to look at this post. Many thanks in advance to all who take some time to read this, Thankyou 🙂

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