Network Downtime


Hi All,

Apologies for the delay in having the site/blog down it has been quite a couple of weeks due to being convinced to host all my sites myself on a VPS via Digital Ocean.

I have had to learn quite a few things during this very short timeframe, shortlisted below:

  • Cent OS 7
  • Some Linux commands
  • New Dir Structure
  • PHP
  • SSH security
  • VPS hosting options
  • Register my ABN
  • Commissioning of a SaaS invoice platform (big thank you to Zac Brewer)

But however not limited to the above.

I would like to throw out a big thank you to both Brendan O’Toole and Ben Cousins for directing me to a VPS.

There is much more to come, just to short list again:

I would highly recommend Digital Ocean to anyone that interested in getting some hosted Virtual Private Server space. For anyone that is interested Please use the following special offer code:


Learning PHP wonders of what it can do!

I have now fixed my wordpress feed… well almost, just need to limit it now and play with some of the CSS.

Feeling very productive!


Working away on my website, what a productive day!

Things I have fixed:

  • contact form
  • design/layout
  • links
  • about me page

Things left to fix:

  • embed latest wordpress post into home page

This last item to fix is proving to be a little difficult as I believe then index file needs to be a php file, however I have made mine a html file and as far as I am aware you cannot just rename the file… grr!

Hope there is an easy way to fix this, if anyone knows the answer please let me know asap 🙂

Many thanks in advance to those that assist.

Frustrations setting in…


I simply don’t feel like going into details about it all, for several reasons.

However I am just tired of people saying one thing to your face then a week or its almost as if that conversation never happened!

One week its one story, next week its a different story.

By this point its about the time confusion sets in, it in itself is quite frustrating to cope with.

Well I guess this is all I have to rant about for this week.


All I desire
Keep climbing higher and higher
Adorable creatures
With unacceptable features
And trouble is coming
It’s just the high cost of loving
You can take it or leave it
But you’d better believe it

You’ve got to make me an offer
That cannot be ignored
So let’s head for home now
Everything I have is yours
Step by step and day by day
Every second counts I can’t break away

new beginnings…

polar bear quoting controlling thoughts

So many thoughts running through my head…

Where to start one must say? Some might say at the beginning? some might say no where at all, hmmm…

… Drink another warm brew and ponder thoughts some more

I guess as the saying goes;
“You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But theres no joy in living your whole life on the ground”


So it begins…. HDR

DSLR, HDR… So it begins

canon-eos-600dSo far I’m enjoying every moment of it! I think I made the right choice to go with the Canon 600D TKIS.

To all those that steered me in the right direction thank you.

In the not too distant future I endeavour to begin my HDR journey with this lovely camera. I hope to start a nice collection of HDR shots. With a few events coming up soon birthday, etc… Im sure there will be plenty of chances to start a very good collection of HDR images.

Again kudos to Mr. Rob Potter




Right now I have a point and shoot camera and I am in the market looking to buy a new camera for the following reasons:

  • Going on a cruise
  • Want to produce better quality HDR images

So right now I have been doing some research into which one to buy. I think I have made my decision on the following.

Brand: Nikon
Model: D600

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Mail Archiving

Working in the TAFE system they only allow us to have a very small mail inbox. To assist with this issue we have forced to constantly archive our mail out of that inbox to an external location. Im not sure how comfortable I feel about this as I see it to be a security breach…. However I have now setup my apple mail to auto archive my mail from my TAFE box if its 180days or older.