Web hosting management

Goodness me I never thought that web hosting management was so challenging… Working away with my domain kalebullen.me trying to work out CNAMEs and what not with a very good helpful hand Mr. Ben Cousins 😀

Pretty exciting though learning new things 🙂 Ill be pro web host manger by the end of the week won’t I Mr. Cousins 🙂

Out of Hospital 18/03/14

ops-bandage-logo-mdYesterday I was admitted to hospital for a minor procedure that I elected to have done.

Today I am back home and feeling pretty good not much pain. Just need to spend the week recovering now. Hopefully should be good to go back to work next week. Don’t want to spend to much time off work ill get bored really quick.

I need to wear this compression vest for the next 3 weeks day an night its not too bad a little uncomfortable but not unbearable. Then another 3 weeks only night times though. We shall see how it all goes I guess 🙂

Site layout now complete

Well the site layout is now complete I’m somewhat happy and content with the layout of the page at the moment. It could be better but this shall do for now.


Welcome to my blog

So everyone welcome to my first blogging site.

Why am I blogging you might ask? Well it has come to my attention that I should start writing down a few things…. so here I starting with my first blog post 🙂