Raging, Apple, MBP, RAM, Errors!

I am about to loose it!

I have had this macbook pro(macbookpro8,2) for almost 4 years now and never missed a beat. Recently I have been noticing a few issues:

  • Kernal Panics
  • Reboots
  • Complete and utter slowness

Anyway so I finally ran the AHT via IR. It presented me with the following information:


So I bought some new RAM “apple certified” ram at that!

You guessed it, still the same issue with the new ram.

Now if I test the new ram single stick at a time it passes every time, test single sticks in both slots also passes fine every time!

Put both sticksĀ for testing and fails….

I am now leaning towards the fault being either the logic board or the darn DIMM slot. Just what I need right now… I did not plan to buy a new laptop until at least mid 2015 as the new broadwell chips will be out then and will be in the new MBAs.

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