It all started this fine morning, when I got out of bed to find my neck didn’t want to leave the pillow… arghh damn cricked neck! It has been so sore all day!

Today at college has been very productive and very fast paced. Some of my students have been amazingly active and working towards their completion! Congrats all!

A random thought that has been on my mind for the last few days:

“A couple of days ago I was offered to go over and teach in China for 6 weeks, it was quite the nice package $1250/wk + accommodation + travel. I thought it would have been an opportunity of a life time! I really wanted to go but my timing here for work and looking for a house and the new business is just way out of whack and I would not have been able to go…. :'( However one of my colleagues gladly accepted the offer and is heading off on a plane as soon as possible. Wish him all the best.”

It has been one of those full on rush get everything done days. Hoping tomorrow is a little quieter and hoping I have calmed down… yes I am still very agitated!

Any who enough ramblings for one day signing out now till next time.


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